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Turnkey solutions from concept to commissioning

Optimisation, innovation and integrity define Rula Bulk Materials Handling's entrepreneurial approach. Locally owned since 2001, we have become a major player in the bulk materials handling sector, providing both pneumatic and mechanical solutions.

RULA is a multi- disciplinary construction and engineering group, anchored in South Africa and focused on selected Bulk materials handling opportunities in Africa and abroad.

RULA supplies a wide product range to the material handling sectors and industries in domestic markets, from its extensive fabrication, modern and comprehensive processing centres and manufacturing plants.

International recognition: unique, innovative designs

RULA's reputation and expertise have been recognised both in South Africa and abroad, giving Rula the opportunity to handle many kinds of materials under various conditions. Extensive projects have been successfully completed in Turkey, Reunion, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Mauritius. We are known for our innovation. For example, we have developed specialised technology to handle the very particular ash which results from burning sugar cane in combination with coal.

Elegant designs

The mark of the true professional is revealed in Rula's approach to product process design and the quest for accuracy. An extensive knowledge of bulk materials handling is necessary. Take wear protection for example: It's not just a case of reinforcing areas of high stress. The key is providing for particles to flow in an elegant manner, so that no stress area develops in the first place. We design plants primarily to address the flow of material.

Company principles vested in intellectual honesty and integrity

We have continuous and extensive in-house training with a low staff turnover. Our people take immense pride in our achievements and have utmost confidence in the potential of Southern Africa. We are primarily focused on becoming an integral part of its future development through our unique expertise and abilities.

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