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RULA design, manufacture and supply aeroslides for a wide range of applications


The purpose of an aeroslide conveying system is to convey fine product using very little energy by utilising the free gravity forces.

The gravity conveying is achieved by fluidisation of the product.

The fluidisation is achieved by mild steel chamber sections, with a fabric air distribution membrane sandwiched between the upper (dust) and lower (air plenum) chambers. This permeable membrane is supported by a wire mesh attached to the plenum chamber below the fabric. The upper and lower chambers are bolted together and caulked to give an airtight seal between the parts. The aeroslides are manufactured in sections with differing cross sectional dimensions. The dimensions are chosen to optimise the material flow rates within the unit, to have an even pressure deferential over the whole membrane area and to minimise wear. Each lower section is fitted with an air inlet spigot that is flanged to accept a butterfly type throttle valve. Quick release inspection hand holes and observation windows are installed at specific points for monitoring of the dust flow and the aeroslide’s internal condition.

The following products are aeroslide friendly

Alumina, Bentonite, Raw cement, Finished cement, Clay, Fly ash, Ground ores, Gypsum, Limestone, Ash dust and Silica

Typical Applications

Gravity feed with aeration

- ESP and Dust Handling Plant discharge system

- Silo Filling, silo distribution and silo discharge system

- Powdered Material Bin Discharge systems

Silo Aeration and agitation

- Material Agitation

- Hopper Aeration and agitation

- Airlift system


- Silo Aeration and agitation

Types Manufactured

RULA manufactures different types of aeroslides such as standard low top conveying chamber, High top chamber and trapezoidal chambers

- Inlet chutes with aeration

- Turn chambers

- Observation inspection covers and sight glasses

- Discharge gate valves

- Discharge chutes

Design Features

- Optimised conveying and aeration chamber

- Optimised aeration membrane surface area

- Optimised air inlets and orifice plates

Material specifications

- Upper and lower chamber Bodies: 6mm thick SANS 50025 Grade S 275 JR

- Flanges: 6mm thick SANS 50025 Grade S 275 JR

- Air inlets: SANS 62 Pipes and fittings


Aerolsides are purpose made in any size and shape to fit plant requirements

Operating & Maintenance

- The aeroslide system is Operator and Maintenance friendly

- A complete Operating & Maintenance manual is available

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