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Belt Scale

RULA design, manufacture and supply belt ploughs for a wide range of applications


The purpose of the conveyor belt scale in a bulk handling system is to supply an accurate mass flow measurement for the material being conveyed.

RULA supply an Electro-Mechanical belt scale. Our scales employ weigh frames connected to a base frame with a combination of adjustable strain gauge load cells and fulcrums and differ only in length and belt profile design. The weigh frames are available in measurement (weigh) spans from 1 meter through to 8 meters or one to six idler sets. The supply of the approach and retreat frames forms part of the RULA offering.

Some features that are catered for in our scale designs that plays a major role in accuracy and repeatability, are as follow:

Alignment of the idlers on the scale, approach and retreat idlers are achieved by precision C&C manufacturing and machining of the idler sets, all idler/rollers are machined to comply to a specific TOR and components on the scale and the base frame that mounts on the stringers are adjustable in any plane.

This ensures that high accuracy and repeatability are always achieved, regardless of varying belt tensions due to different loading or variable conveyor belt speed.

Weigh frame/s fulcrums are engineered and positioned such that any dynamic forces or malfunctioning rollers are cancelled and not observed on the measurement of the load cells.

An "On-Board" calibration reference weight provides a safe, quick and convenient means to check the scale calibration. This calibration reference is easily and safely operated - either manually or automatically.

Belt speed should be measured correctly, and slip between the actual belt and instrument should be eliminated. Rula also designed and manufactured a belt speed measuring instrument that complements the scale and are fully integrated into the frame and integrator.

Further features that are designed into our scales are amongst other the following:

Scale frames and idler sets are designed on CAD and analysed/optimised on ANSYS FEA design packages for structural integrity and functionality. The design can be changed in order to adopt the existing conveyor features. (ie. return belt carrying, specific dimensional constraints, conveyor belt profile, etc.)

Scale components are designed to be modular.

The electronic integrator, enclosure and all instrument wiring mountings and routing are incorporated into the design of the structure. Scales can be ordered to comply with any Hazardous environment.

Typical Applications

- Belt conveyor systems

- Belt feeder system

Types Manufactured

RULA manufactures a wide range of belt scales for inline belt conveying systems to suit the needs of the conveying system

Design Features

- Single and multi-idler frame configurations

- Scale are designed to suit any belt width as well as trough angle

- System is designed to meet your accuracy requirements

Material of construction specifications

- Structure and frames: SANS 50025 Grade S 275 JR

- Piping SANS 62 AND SANS 719 Piping


Belt scales are purpose made in any size and shape to fit plant requirements

Operating & Maintenance

- The belt scales are Operator and Maintenance friendly

- A complete Operating & Maintenance manual is available

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