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Bucket Elevators

RULA design, manufacture and supply belt type bucket elevators for a wide range of applications


The purpose of the RULA bucket elevator is to lift product as efficiently and economically as possible

RULA’s bucket elevators are designed to reliably lift either fine (e.g. fly ash) or coarse (e.g. coal) material.

Material is fed into the boot of the elevator via an integrated inlet chute. It is important that the inlet chute is customized for the particular application, ensuring an effective and efficient feed.

Buckets are attached to the belt by specialized elevator bolts which have a flat head, thereby minimizing interference with the head and tail end pulleys. The mechanical belt splice aligns the splicing bolts axially with the belt, ensuring a strong, reliable and flexible coupling.

The head end housing, discharge chute and bucket profile are designed based on the elevator speed, ensuring the correct trajectory of the centrifugally discharged material. The goal is always to minimize spillage and thereby increase efficiency, while avoiding and designing around potential high-wear areas. In particular the bucket leading edges are wear protected. An adjustable throat plate in the discharge chute further helps to prevent re-entrainment of material into the elevator boot.

The head and tail end pulleys are crowned, ensuring that the belt runs true. A belt misalignment switch offers an additional protection. A boot level switch controls the feed to the elevator to prevent over-filling, while a speed sensor on the tail pulley shaft detects a snapped belt or blocked elevator.

Optional extras include access platforms support brackets, hoist frames on access platforms, catladders, rotation sensors and belt drift sensors.

Types of actuation

Electric motor and drive gearbox

Design Features

- Optimised bucket designs for each application

- An adjustable belt take up tensioning system

- Optimised flow into bottom boot to avoid blockages

- Optimised discharge chute

- Ease of operation

- Multiple large inspection doors for access

Material of construction specifications

The material of construction is matched to the application and the units are available in mild steel or stainless steel. Depending on the size of the buckets these can be supplied in HDPE, mild steel or stainless steel.

- Main casings: SANS 50025 Grade S 275 JR

- Buckets: SANS 50025 Grade S 275 JR, Hard chromed and hard faced

- Seal Clamping Plate: VRN 400 wear resistant material or similar

- Belts: 3 ply Rubber with a woven fabric carcass

- Pulleys: Crowned steel and rubber lagging


Bucket elevators are made to suit any size and length to fit your plant requirements. Drilling arrangements can be adapted to suit existing plant equipment

Operating & Maintenance

- The bucket elevators are operator and maintenance friendly

- A complete Operating & Maintenance manual is available

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