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The purpose of the RULA conditioners are to provide industry with a robust design and that require minimal maintenance.

The dry ash is fed into the trough at a constant rate and sprayed with water via high pressure nozzles. Efficient high rate mixing is achieved due to the unique design and angle of the blades to the shaft as well as the arrangement of nozzles. The nozzle spray overlaps, resulting in a uniform distribution of water, thus preventing any material build-up inside the conditioner.

Optimum proportioning of water quantity and dry ash throughput is achieved by the installation of a flow meter and by constantly adjusting the water volume.

Types Manufactured

RULA have manufactured several different conditioners with capacities ranging from 30 to 350 t/h

Design Features

- A unique low maintenance shaft seal has been developed complete with a shaft wear sleeve to safeguard the shaft against wear

- The paddle ensures minimum material build-up to the blades resulting in improved working life and limited wear

- The lining of the trough will safeguard the trough against corrosion, wear and material build-up

- RULA will not compromise material flow principles when we design a system to suit the client’s requirements

Material specification

- Paddles: UHMWPE

- Trough Lining: UHMWPE

Operating & Maintenance

The conditioners are Operator and Maintenance friendly with a complete range of replacement spares

A complete Operating & Maintenance manual is available

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