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Hydrovac ejector

RULA design, manufacture and supply greas lubricators on belt conveyors for a wide range of Bulk Materials handling applications


The RULA HydroVac and Jet Pumps are used to convey and mix various slurry products. The conveying is initiated by a high speed/pressure water stream that creates a vacuum below a hopper. The primary and secondary materials then mix and is conveyed together via pipelines and slurries.

The flow of the material to be transported may be controlled either specifically with a manual or automatic valve or relatively controlled using the inherent design of the system depending on the user requirements.


May either be multi nozzle or single in-line systems transporting various powdery or granular material in slurry form.

Design Features

• No moving parts

• Simple design

• Ease of maintenance and installation

Material of construction specifications

- Bodies: S355JR; A106; SANS 62; ANSI B 36.19; ANSI B 36.10

- Flanges: EN BS EN 1092-1 : 2007 or SANS 1123 : 2007 or BS 10 : 1962

- Nozzle: Silicon Carbide, Stainless Steel, Surface Hardened Steel, Ceramic Wear Lining


All HydroVac and Jet Pump systems are specifically designed to meet user requirements

Operating & Maintenance

- The hydrovac and jet pumps are Operator and Maintenance friendly

- A complete Operating & Maintenance manual is available

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