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Truck loading chutes


The function of the RULA loading chute is to efficiently fill a truck tanker with product

Types of actuation

Electric motor and rope winch for the raising and lowering of the telescopic chute

Types Manufactured

Our product range include the following arrangements

Loading chutes for coarse material, fine material and wet material

Loading chutes to suit tankers, open truck beds and rail wagons

Loading chutes with mobile loading bogie

Design Features

Durable double hose for efficient dust free filling

Adjustable to suit various height of chute

Efficient sealing arrangement on closing cone

No overfilling of tankers due to effective level monitoring

Material specifications

Inner hose: Polyester fabric with PVC coating on both sides

Inner hose: Polyester fabric with wear resistant steel inserts

Outer hose: Polyamide fabric heat set

Closing cone: SANS 50025 Grade S 275 JR


Loading chutes are made to suit any size and shape to fit your plant requirements

Drilling arrangement to suit plant interface

Operating & Maintenance

The valves are Operator and Maintenance friendly

A complete Operating & Maintenance manual is available

The loading chute discharge at a rate of up to 180 t/h

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