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Belt conveyor moving heads systems

RULA design, manufacture and supply Moving heads systems for belt conveyors for a wide range of Bulk Materials handling applications


The moving head is an integral component used in bulk materials handling systems. The moving head is required for moving the head section of the conveyor forward or backwards to discharge product on one or multiple alternative transition points.

The moving head system is based on a “Balanced Moving Head”, which has the advantage of isolating the support structure and moving head equipment from the tensions in the belt.

As the head pulley moves from the front to the rear position, the balance pulley compensates for the change in belt length by moving a similar distance. The net result is that the belt tensions are taken up by the fixed pulleys and structure, ant that the moving head structure simply “floats” around the belt, as the tensions on the head pulley are opposed by those on the balance pulley.

The moving head is positioned by an electric winch. The changeover is made by the moving head winch which is used to move the moving head to the desired position.

The balanced moving head principle is our first choice as the alternative “unbalanced moving head” requires a much longer take up distance and result in excessive take up trolley movement

Design Features

- High quality with durability and more than 98% availability

- Balanced tensions - Winch driven moving head carriage. Alternative for this is a hydraulic cylinder for very short transitions or rack and pinion for shot transitions

- Optimised moving idler frames

Material of construction specifications

Main steelwork: SANS 50025 Grade S 275 JR


Moving heads are made to suit any size and length to fit your plant requirements

Operating & Maintenance

The moving head is operator and maintenance friendly

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