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Non Return Valves


The purpose of the RULA Non return wafer type valve is to allow flow in a single direction, thus to stop reverse flow of product, air or fluid. The Non return valveā€™s design allows the non-return valve to provide a positive seal during closing. The non-return valve is gravity or spring operated.

Type of actuation

Spring or gravity

Design Features

Relatively simple and very robust design with minimal movable parts

Material of construction specifications

- Body: Cast iron grade SG42 or 6mm thick SANS 50025 Grade S 355 JR

- Disk: Cast steel grade GS38


- Non return valves are made to suit any size and shape to fit your plant requirements in the range fro 25NB to 100NB

- Screw thread and drilling arrangement to suit plant interface

Operating & Maintenance

- The non-return valves are Operator and Maintenance friendly

- A complete Operating & Maintenance manual is available

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