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Pressure vessels

RULA design, manufacture and supply Pressure vessels for a wide range of applications


Pressure Vessel conveying systems are the traditional method of pneumatic conveying.

Intensive research, development and testing have provided technical know-how and design parameters that permit the trouble free handling of materials previously considered to be ‘difficult’.

The size and type of pressure vessel employed is determined by the particular application.

Rula supplies pressure vessels with throughput ranges from1 T/h to 150 T/h.

Conveying distances of more than 2000m and temperatures of up to 300 deg C have been successfully achieved.

Pressure Vessel Systems

- Rula have designed and constructed plants such as:

- Single pressure vessel units for discontinuous batch conveying.

- Continuously conveying with twin pressure vessel units with a surge bin / hopper.

- Multiple Pressure vessel conveying systems.

- Multi-TTS system (with Turbuflow piping).

Design Features

- Low energy consumption resulting from smaller volumes of conveying air.

- Efficiency even over long distances.

- Minimal wear

Material Specifications

- Main vessel Body: BS1501/161/430A Boiler Plate.

- Support steelwork: SANS 50025 Grade S 275 JR


- Pressure vessels are made to suit any size and shape to fit your plant requirements.

- Drilling arrangements can be adapted to suit existing plant equipment.

Operating & Maintenance

- The Pressure vessel systems are fully automatic and Operator and Maintenance friendly.

- A complete Operating & Maintenance manual is available.

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