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We have over the years designed, developed and manufactured a number of products that are used across the bulk materials handling discipline

These products and systems have stood the test of time


All products are manufactured in South Africa

The Products of high quality, Designed for durability and Low maintenance requirements

Some of the specialised equipment design, manufactured and supplied by RULA:

Pneumatic conveying system products Mechanical conveying system products
-Aeroslides -Conveyors
-Aeration Pads-Belt conveyors
-Air Heaters-Screw Conveyors
-Airlifts-Fixed and Rotating Stacker Conveyors
-Air Receivers-Hoppers
-Air Reticulation-Mass flow and guided flow chutes
-Bag Filters-Moving heads
-Belt scales-Fixed tripper cars
-Bucket elevators-Tube chain
-Diverter Chutes – Pneumatic Operated-Diverter V Plough
-Wear Resistant bends-Coal feeder
-Conditioners / Mixers / Humidifiers-Belt feeders
-Filters & Fans-Weigh feeders
-Level switches-Screw and screw furnace feeders
-Pressure Vessels-Mass flow devices
-Silo discharge products Wet Ash conveying system products
-Conveying pipes-Submerged Scraper Conveyors
-Dampers-Hydro vac injectors
-Scrubbers Other productss
-Cone Valves-Piping – LP Steam, air and water systems
-Disc valves -Cement mixing plant
-Diverter Valves-Storage silos, bins and discharge equipment
-Dome Valves-Truck Loading Chutes
-Flap Valves – Single & Double-Water Separators
-Flow Control Valves-MCC Containers
-Knife Gate Valves – Hand & Pneumatic-Automatic Grease lubricator
-Non Return Valves
-Over- & Under Pressure Relief Valves

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