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Submerged scraper conveyor

RULA design, manufacture and supply SSC for a wide range of applications


The Submerged Scraper Conveyor (SSC) has been designed and optimised taking key elements and design considerations into consideration. These include parameters such as:

- The boiler to trough hopper and trough hopper to water sealing arrangements

- Efficient cooling & de-watering of the coarse ash

- A reliable and efficient drive system

- Adequate storage capacity

- Sufficient conveying capacity during normal and backlog operating conditions

- System operating life expectancy

Different type of SSC conveyors

RULA have experience of the following types of submerged scraper conveyor systems:

- Scraper chain conveyors

- Submerged belt scraper conveyor

Design Features

- High quality with durability and more than 98% availability

- Well engineered trough to maximise storage capacity

- Elegant and optimised material flow at transfer points

- Single drive with optimum performance

- Efficient incline design to optimise the carry capacity and improve dewatering of the ash, reducing system water consumption

- Efficient diversion of ash if upstream conveyors are unavailable

- Efficient Scraper flight and chain cleaning system

- Removable or static conveyors can be engineered to suit boiler geometry or operator requirements

- Single motor unit and Electro-hydraulic drive

- Efficient water agitation system to reduce load on drive and mechanicals during high loading periods.

- Industry standard OEM chain design for the arduous environment

- Hydraulically operated chain tensioning unit to maintain appropriate chain tension.

- Low water & power consumption

- Reduced maintenance requirements and costs

- Operational flexibility

- Wear protected main and return troughs, and scrapers

Material of construction specifications

- Main steelwork: SANS 50025 Grade S 355 JR

- Chutes: SANS 50025 Grade S 355 JR and 3CR12, Wear protection in high wear areas

- Scraper flight: SANS 50025 Grade S 355 JR Wear protection (VRN500) in trough contact areas

- Sprockets: Cast Steel with high strength and wear features. Individual replaceable teeth.

- Shaft seals: SANS 50025 Grade S 275 JO with Ceramic, rubber lagging and bare steel


Submerged scraper conveyors are designed and manufactured to suit any storage and conveying capacity to meet with your plant requirements

Operating & Maintenance

- The SSC conveyors are operator and maintenance friendly.

- A typical complete Operating & Maintenance manual can be made available on request.

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