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Dome Valves


The purpose of the RULA Dome Valve is to isolate the product flow in Pressure Vessel filling and discharge for dry free flowing non-sticking bulk materials. The Dome Valveā€™s unique design allows the dome to cut through material during opening and closing. The dome is driven by a pneumatic actuator.

An inflatable seal ensures a perfect closure.

These functions are controlled by a control box with a programmable PLC.

Type of actuation

Pneumatic actuated

Design Features

- Programmable PLC will give an alarm when the seal does not inflate to its pressure setpoint

- PLC will give an alarm when valve does not reach its open or close position

- The inflatable Seal is protected and out of the material flow stream

- Relatively simple and very robust design with minimal movable parts

When open the dome moves out of the material flow opening the entire cross section of the valve for material flow


- Main Valve Body: Cast iron grade SG42 or 6mm thick SANS 50025 Grade S 275 JR

- Dome: Cast steel grade GS38

- Bushes: Cast iron grade SG42 or Bronze

- Inflatable seal: Silicone

- O rings: Viton


- Valves are made to suit any size and shape to fit your plant requirements

- Drilling arrangement to suit plant interface

Operating & Maintenance

- The valves are Operator and Maintenance friendly

- A complete Operating & Maintenance manual is available

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