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Optimisation, innovation and integrity define Rula Bulk Materials Handling's entrepreneurial approach.  Locally owned since 2001, we have become a major player in the bulk materials handling sector, providing both pneumatic and mechanical solutions.


EP2M2C: an integrated, multi-disciplinary approach

Our focus lies in the energy, cement, mining and alumina sectors, where we supply turnkey conveying and storage plants from concept design to commissioning.  We have integrated the supply chain to deliver a complete package to our clients.  We describe this as EP2M2C - Engineering, Procurement, Manufacture & Management, Construction and Commissioning.  We cover all disciplines in-house, with specialists in the following fields ensuring project-wide continuity: Mechanical, Civil, Structural, Electrical, C&I and Earthworks.


Bulk Materials Handling: complete requirements and comprehensive range

We have two major divisions: Mechanical Conveying for coarse products such as coal and iron ore; and Pneumatic Conveying for fine products like fly ash and cement.  Our coarse product solutions include fixed and shiftable conveyor belts, feeders, belt scales, submerged scraper conveyors, bucket elevators, screw conveyors and transfer points. 

For fine products, we have developed a unique, high-pressure, dense phase, long-distance conveying system.  Our pneumatic expertise includes pressure vessel systems, aeroslides, aeration pads, a host of specialised and unique valves, filters, fans, water separators, silo storage and discharge systems and truck loading stations.  We strive to design complete conveying systems, as well as all complementary equipment in-house.


Consult the experts

Because of our wide scope we can offer specific aspects of the turnkey environment to our clients.  We have successfully undertaken a number of consulting contracts in various disciplines.  Our advantage is the ability to continue with detail design, manufacture and construction once the feasibility or concept work is complete.


International recognition: unique, innovative designs

Rula’s reputation and expertise have been recognised both in South Africa and abroad, giving Rula the opportunity to handle many kinds of materials under various conditions.  Extensive projects have been successfully completed in Turkey, Reunion, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Mauritius.  We are known for our innovation.  For example, we have developed specialised technology to handle the very particular ash which results from burning sugar cane in combination with coal.


Ash handling experience dates back to early 1990’s

Rula initially implemented German technologies, but has since transformed these into something unique in the world, specifically adapted to South African conditions.  One of Rula's driving principles is to constantly learn, assimilate, adapt and improve our equipment, processes and technology.


Custom design, unique intellectual property

Because we have a thorough working experience of prevailing South African conditions, our designs cater for eventualities and contingencies not necessarily specified in documents.  Instead of using standard data sheets to determine the layout, Rula tailor-makes equipment to ensure dynamic and efficient bulk material flow.


Powerful computer modelling and simulation packages

Rula makes use of the latest software to ensure our designs are efficient and relevant.  We use a combination of 2D (for plant layout and concept design), and 3D parametric (for detailed design and simulation) drawing packages.  We have specialists in finite element analysis and discrete element modelling, and have developed in-house software for pneumatic conveying systems and bin and silo design, amongst others.


Elegant designs

The mark of the true professional is revealed in Rula's approach to product process design and the quest for accuracy.  An extensive knowledge of bulk materials handling is necessary.  Take wear protection for example: It's not just a case of reinforcing areas of high stress.  The key is providing for particles to flow in an elegant manner, so that no stress area develops in the first place.  We design plants primarily to address the flow of material.


International business partnerships

We have an excellent reputation and lasting relationships with our suppliers, both local and international, whom we treat as crucial partners in our work.  We have always operated on a solid ethical footing and are respected for our reliability and integrity.  For instance, Rula has a standing agreement with German company Takraf, offering stacker reclaimer machines for coal stockyards.


Company principles vested in intellectual honesty and integrity

We have continuous and extensive in-house training with a low staff turnover.  Our people take immense pride in our achievements and have utmost confidence in the potential of Southern Africa.  We are primarily focused on becoming an integral part of its future development through our unique expertise and abilities.



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Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution.  It represents the wise choice of many alternatives.  With this in mind, we are proud of our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.


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